For the past year we’ve been a bit quiet because one of us has been working with another custom garage (gasp!) but it’s ok, she had permission. Helen has become a Goblin as well as a Skull & Pistons rock ‘n’ rolla…


Goblin Works was an engineering company from the 1970’s that sadly went out of business. Our friend, extreme engineer Jimmy de Ville, bought the company and decided to put together a team of petrol heads to build custom cars and bikes as Goblin Works Garage. So along with Jimmy and our other friend Ant Partridge, who’s an epic custom bike designer and builder, they’ve been designing and creating custom builds to ruffle feathers, challenge perceptions, inspire, infuriate and indulge petrol head fantasies. Not only are they building a bunch of cool stuff, they’re doing it on Quest in the UK and across various Discovery networks internationally – so you can watch the Goblins deal with the challenges that come with building custom cars and bikes (something we know a lot about).



Throughout the series the Goblins design and build six custom classic cars – a MK3 Capri, Series 2a Land Rover, MG, MK2 Escort, Datsun 280z and Chevy Apache Truck. As well as the cars there are four custom bike builds too – a 2017 Norton Dominator Naked Edition, 2017 Yamaha MT 10, 2017 Harley Davidson Roadster and a Kawasaki Ninja ZX10R.

Exactly as we do at S&PG each of the GWG vehicles is restored then reimagined, redesigned and customised by the team to produce a unique collection. Jimmy, Ant and Helen all bring very different skills and experience to the table making Goblin Works Garage the custom dream team, built from a pure passion for engineering, speed, custom design and individuality. With a mixture of genius, lunacy and imagination GWG is going to leave an impression and get people talking and that’s what they want – to mix things up. 

Goblin Works Garage runs for six episodes kicking off on January 11th at 9pm, give it a watch petrol heads and support our gal!


Photographs courtesy of Quest.