After a chance meeting at our workshop we got talking to the guys at Largam Works about cars, (they’re petrol heads too) and now it’s turned into a regular natter over a cup of tea. Based in Essex they specialise in workwear – stocking Carhartt, Filson and Redwing. We like to support small British companies because we are one and it’s important to stick together, give each other support and all that jazz.


Stephen and I are both from creative backgrounds and appreciate the history of style and design – workwear has been around for a long time influencing and filtering down to the high street. There’s great heritage behind the brands at Largam Works and that definitely makes a difference – Carhartt is a favourite of ours because of the brand history as well as the collections and Hamilton Carhartt was a petrol head himself. We spend a lot of time in our workshop and therefore a lot of time in workwear and as you lot are petrol heads it’s a safe bet you do too. So check out the Largam Works website for stylish workwear that will last and look damn good…