AS one half of Skull & Pistons Garage, I recently started learning how to weld so I can be more useful. This gave me an idea, I’d get a project to learn on – that way my practise will have an end goal, and my time won’t be wasted. So I decided to look for a Mini shell, because I’ve always wanted a classic Mini and parts are readily available. The slight problem with this plan is that I have no budget, however I managed to win an eBay auction and paid a mere £51 for a Mini shell (as luck would have it I had just sold a pair of jeans that didn’t fit and some earrings I didn’t wear on eBay which covered the cost of the Mini).

Mini Shell

Mini Shell Build



So what’s the plan? I am a big fan of rat rods so this is the way I’m headed with my build, I’m going to turn this sorry shell into a Mini Rat Rod. I came up with a rough sketch and now I’m figuring out how exactly to build it – at Skull & Pistons we’ve customised but this is a whole different story. There’s a lot of bodywork repair, then I need to find a chassis, engine, running gear and get it through all those rule and regulations the UK loves so much… and I still have no budget! So I’m going to sell some more bits and pieces on eBay and raise funds for car parts that way. I’m not planning on any luxuries in this Mini Rod, it’ll be a Mad Max infused Frankenstein’s Monster of a car – post apocalyptic beauty!

There aren’t that many girls in the classic car industry, and believe me I am not a feminist, but I wanted to share this to prove that although I am a girl I can do more than just make tea. I’ve loved cars my whole life and I want to prove I can make a bitchin’ Mini Rat Rod despite being a girl and despite having no budget. I’ll be updating my #minirod story via @HelensWardrobe and @SkullandPistons on Twitter if you want to follow the journey, and I think you should because this could get interesting…  Helen♠

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