YESTERDAY we introduced our first project to press and special guests in association with Pistonhead Lager at the world-famous Ace Cafe London. We couldn’t think of a better place to celebrate our launch with press, special guests and lots of other Cortina fans. (Click on galleries to see images full size).








Skull & Pistons Custom Cortina







A bit about us: We both hail from a creative background with combined experience in design, marketing and social media and a lifelong passion for cars. Our approach to the world of British classic cars is first and foremost to get them back on the road, not tucked away in a garage or seizing up under a tarpaulin. Skull & Pistons projects are intended to be driven and enjoyed. A combination of modernisation, customisation, restoration and branding our projects may ruffle a few feathers amongst the purists but equally stir up excitement in so many petrol heads looking for something different. Every part of our journey is documented through our website and social media channels, sharing the builds with our followers and therefore inviting people to be involved in the whole process.

Our first project: The custom Ford MK2 Cortina has had a four-inch roof chop, the rear doors have been shaved and the back-end smoothed out for a cleaner look. The lower stance, uncluttered silhouette and vented bonnet give this Cortina a mini muscle car appearance. Demanding a second or even third glance to identify its originality, this children’s drawing of a car has found its alter ego and now looks rock ‘n’ roll.

The original 1600 GT engine has been rebored, twin Weber carburetors have been added and the ignition system has been upgraded. The brakes have been replaced with high spec four port calipers, discs and a brake servo and under its skin a full nut and bolt restoration. This MK2 Cortina stays true to Skull & Pistons’ ideals, it’s a British custom classic which has been modernised and restored. Despite working as many hours as possible the build is still a few months away from being finished, we really did everything we could but unfortunately time was against us!

We had a great time talking to everyone about Skull & Pistons Garage and our first project and want to thank all of you who made the massive effort to come and see us. Following the launch we had a little after party and enjoyed Pistonhead Lager with pizza, pic ‘n’ mix and donuts. Beer* and sugar were much-needed after such a long and exciting day. 💀


Skull and Pistons Launch



Boss, Mark, Boss!



Skull and Pistons Launch



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For enquiries into the Skull & Pistons custom Ford MK2 Cortina, please contact us viewings by appointment only.

About Ace Cafe London: Originally a cafe to accommodate traffic on the newly built North Circular Road in 1938, the Ace Cafe was destroyed after a bomb blast in a World War II air raid and rebuilt in 1949. It became popular with the Ton Up Boys in 1950’s and the Rockers in 1960’s but closed in 1969 after the opening of a nearby motorway and its service area. Ace Cafe became a tyre shop and vehicle delivery company before Mark Wilsmore organised a reunion in 1994, putting the venue back on the map. Eventually the popularity of the cafe saw the reopening in 1997 with a complete refurbishment in 2001.

With a busy calendar Ace Cafe London attracts motorcyclists, rockers and car enthusiasts from all over the world to trade stories, compare projects and socialise in the legendary space. The Ace Cafe has appeared in a number of films and tv programmes adding to its world-wide fame and celebrating the historic distinction of the cafe. ♣︎ Twitter ♣︎ Facebook

About Pistonhead Lager: “We are serious about our brews, but not much else. Our simple mission is to create drinks and have FUN! Pistonhead supports artists of all types.. We love creativity and individuality.” “Pistonhead is all about great brews, good times and Rock N Roll attitudes.” Pistonhead Lager is brewed by Swedish brewery Brutal Brewing and was established in 2011. They built it, you tilt it.  Twitter Facebook

 *Please drink responsibly and do not drink and drive.